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Rye bread

Rye bread

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Mix the flours with the salt, add the leavened yeast, water as much as it contains (ie until a non-sticky elastic dough is made) add the oil, knead and leave to leaven. Spread the dough and grease it with butter, then roll it and cut it into strips

We join the heads and put them in the middle of the tray, then one by one the strips we cut, grease with a little butter, sprinkle the seeds we want and leave to rise. Bake on the right heat for about 40 minutes.


I made homemade bread again. Not just any bread, but a more special one with rye flour, green olives and cheese.

It is extremely consistent and has a special taste due to the above combination to which we added some cumin seeds for a subtle shade of additional flavors.

Due to its copper color covered from place to place with a flour powder, thick and crispy crust, as well as a slightly moist and quite fluffy core, this bread is in my preferences, being by far the winner in the fight against various variants of bread with wholemeal or rye flour that I sometimes buy.

Do not rush to cut it as soon as you have prepared it. Let it wait on a grill or on a wooden bottom for a few good hours, or overnight, to fully feel the true taste of this special bread and you will agree with me, especially if you like green olives stuffed with peppers. .


  • 350 gr. Rye flour
  • 250 gr. White flour
  • 450 ml. the water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 7 gr. dry yeast
  • 200 gr. grated cheese
  • 100 gr. green olives stuffed with peppers
  • ½ teaspoon cumin seeds

To start, mix the yeast with the sugar, a tablespoon of flour and two tablespoons of warm water in a bowl.

I leave the bowl aside for 5-10 minutes, until the yeast activates, and I prepare a large bowl in which I put the other ingredients.

After mixing well the two types of flour with a teaspoon of salt, green olives stuffed with peppers, grated cheese and cumin seeds that I ground a little in a mortar, add the prepared mayonnaise and start pouring little by little cold water until you get a homogeneous and not very hard dough that I knead at the end on the top sprinkled with flour due to the rather sticky consistency.

I put it back in the bowl greased with a little olive oil, put plastic wrap on top and wrap the bowl in a kitchen towel.

It will ferment for at least 12 hours. Initially it grows quite a lot, not like white flour, but it doubles in volume and stops leavening, returning a little to a rather fluffy and elastic shape on which you can see the broken blisters, a sign that it has stopped growing.

Eat rye bread! Rye was not and cannot be genetically modified & # 8211 monastery recipe

Rye bread is recommended versus classic white flour bread or even black flour or graham. Rye and other whole grains are a rich source of magnesium, a mineral that acts as a co-factor for more than 300 enzymes, including enzymes involved in the body's use of glucose and insulin secretion. It has been shown that eating bread from rye flour can significantly reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol. Rye flour contains less gluten than wheat flour, even wholemeal.
Rye gluten is less elastic than wheat gluten and as such has no sticky effect like wheat flour and no gas retention in the dough. Rye flour bread has a brown flavored crust when baked and is denser compared to wheat bread.

Because it is difficult to separate bran and germ from endosperm from rye grain, rye flour usually retains a large amount of nutrients, unlike refined wheat flour which has almost no nutritional properties. Research shows that high-carbohydrate diets lead to continuous stimulation of the pancreas and the release of repeated insulin. This type of diet has been associated with predisposition to insulin resistance, pancreatic beta cell dysfunction and ultimately type II diabetes. Nutrition studies show that wholemeal rye flour bread produces a lower insulin level than wheat flour bread. In our country, wheat flour occupies most of the bakery products. With the promotion of healthy products, rye flour bread begins to play a much more important role in the daily diet. Rye bread is a real help for anyone trying to lose weight

The fibers in rye bread reduce the intestinal transit time which leads to a better functioning of the body and to the prevention of constipation or colon cancer.
Intense research on rye is taking place today, given the correlation between the consumption of rye bread with a low incidence of cancer. In addition to providing fiber, rye also contains protective agents that prevent the development of hormones that lead to cancer. A diet rich in rye bread also helps prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Because it is low in calories and high in fiber, rye bread is also recommended for people who want to lose weight.

A diet based on wholemeal rye bread, at least 6 times a week, is a good idea especially for postmenopausal women with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other signs of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
In the supermarket we can find wholemeal rye flour bread either made in our country or rye flour crumbs imported from Italy. They are recommended for people who want to adopt a healthy diet. A slice of rye bread or breadcrumbs weighing 10 g has an average of 30 calories, 1 g protein, 5.5 g carbohydrates (of which only 0.2 g sugar), 0.1 g lipids, 1.5 g dietary fiber, sodium less than 0.1 g.

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Super, it looks great. Thanks for the recipe. I was watching your site waiting for the next bread :)! I will try this recipe a little later (after winning the battle with rye bread 70%), which is ongoing)).
A week of flour and as many breads / recipes as possible! :)
A :)

thank you andra. I can't wait for you to enter the world of rye, to have a discussion partner :)
increase in everything you cook!

codruta! I'm sending you molasses. It is also good for those & # 8211 gingerbread, marinades, gingerbread / stout cake. Are you sending me a message with your address?
my pigs are bubbling like never before. about 2 more days and I try again. I will try to find an oven stone until then. that of rye on day 2 increased dramatically, almost 4 times !! when I grow up I will bake this bread too, I think it's very good.

Dana, thank you for your kindness. I would like to find a source closer to home, so as not to bother you. You're in the States, aren't you? if I really can't find it, then I'll call you. Anyway, thank you.

I don't know what may you have now, or how many. Remind me, I'm a bit forgetful :))

Congratulations and hatred! You're not alone, you're not. It will take me longer to get to this recipe, I'm still in the & # 8220bread without kneadingâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; and so on, but I set out a few months ago & # 8220 said) to make bread at home, and 100% rye bread would fully satisfy me and I would eat it without remorse. I still gather the instruments and my first maya has gone down in flames, but I don't give up. So you keep writing. You have me as a faithful reader anyway. I kiss you and congratulations once again!

ciau, Andreea.
What a nice message. Thank you.
Sorry about your shirt, tell me if I can help you with advice.
let's hear each other well :)

This bread is remarkable !! I put it on the list! I finished a 40-hour snack in 28 that I left on the wrong table and I didn't want to forget it in the fridge, but it turned out excellent even so. I will resume it correctly to realize the difference. Now I struggle with rye bread 70%) Kisses dearly!

70% rye bread is a good start. I hold your fists to make you feel good.
and yes, ciabatta dough is versatile. Be careful with the temperature, if it is very hot, keep an eye on the dough, not on the watch!

This bread looks exceptional!
After such a story, you don't even have to insist, ready, I'm convinced :))

I didn't say anything, because I'm still groping the ground, but I have rye mayonnaise on standby and I made a rye bread after one of Hamelman's nets (the one in which he feeds the mayonnaise in several steps, until the final one). The bread was just ok, but I gained courage and got rid of prejudices regarding the different tastes (rye, wholemeal, etc.) actually tested, only in the store. I'll take one of your formulas to experience.

Molasses is found here in all food stores, but I think it's not the black strap and now I wonder what it will be. has something perfectly decent now I don't know how decent the transport is. Otherwise a site is accessible both as the price of the products and as the delivery price (the girls on fabs order often from there), we are talking about organic products, organic etc is iherb, here is a type of molasses http: //www.iherb. com / Wholesome-Sweeteners-Inc-Organic-Molasses-Unsulphured-16-in-oz-472-ml / 34611.

Master your tray happily! I've never seen a tray so high.

Andreea, I admire you for having the courage of Hamelman's bread. We're talking about Detmolder 3 stages, right? I haven't dared to do it yet. It's hard for me to control the temperature as accurately as he asks.
Molasses in the end seems to be found in our online stores, it costs a kidney if I want transport to Timisoara, but I'll take it, I'll die if I don't try it :))

I've never seen a tray like that before. The Russians are very proud of it :) they say that no rye bread is like the Russian one :)

Hi Codruta
And you made me sick with this rye bread. It looks great and I'm sure the taste is right. I managed to make bread with 70% rye some time ago and I really liked it. I intend to do it one more time and then maybe try it. I 'm honestly a little afraid of this recipe & # 8230 it seems complicated to me.

Dana, the recipe seems a bit more complicated, but if you break it into pieces, you will realize that it is not so. When you feel it's her time, I'm sure you'll try it.

Codruta, you can find molasses on This bread looks great, I think it's so good, if I manage to make it it will become my everyday bread.

thank you, claudia. I looked on the site and it looks ok their molasses. I think I'll take it :)

The bread looks very good, I am preparing from tonight with the preference and the bath. But don't we add water to the final dough? Waiting for your answer.
Thanks and best, Vali

No water is added to the final dough. You will notice that the preference is very liquid, and even the sponge is hydrated. When you add the flour at the end, the dough becomes consistent. You can add water only if needed (I wrote that I added a little, I didn't weigh as much as # 2030 maybe 10-20g)
increase baking!

This bread is very beautiful! :)
I also tried some rye bread some time ago but with instant yeast and in the bread machine. It turned out to look like the first bread you got, but we didn't really like the taste. However, the recipe was simplistic & had no honey in its composition, no malt.
How does it taste compared to commercial rye bread? I don't like that either and I thought maybe I don't like rye but I would try it once & # 8230 maybe it has a different homemade taste. :)

Diana, I haven't eaten commercial bread in a few years. I never ate 100% rye bread until I made it, so I have nothing to compare it to. But what I can tell you is that I didn't like all the rye breads I made over time either (and keep in mind that I like rye, but I still realize that some breads they have no taste, they are fade) from which I conclude that the harmony and balance of tastes happen only under certain conditions of acidity, temperature, etc. If you didn't like bread, it doesn't mean you don't like rye. It just means that the bread didn't have that something noteworthy.
Once you happen to come across a good bread, it is enough to fall in love with rye. I think so, that you still haven't found the good one :)

Our dear dear, how could I not want to make this bread that you praised so beautifully. now let me tell you what comes to mind: what clients do I have who work with cast aluminum and if anyone would be willing to make me a tray :-) how about creativity? Well, I don't plan on arriving in Russia too soon.
but I'm sure it works in the cake pan in the first phase, even if this kind of tray does not store as much heat. man lives and sees it.
but I still have to wait. that's because I don't have malt. and I still have bread for about 2 weeks in the freezer & # 8230 because of excessive zeal at Easter.
I will let you know.

I found out from my Russian that the tray is made of aluminum alloy. I like your clever idea :))
I don't have malt either, but I'm thinking of doing a good deed and producing a larger quantity to give you: D what do you say?

She looks perfect to me! She grew up so beautiful. I thought that by the time you post the recipe I will be ready with the malt, but my first rye barely made its first corners. I'm terrified of rye too, but I still can't wait to try it.

adela, and for me the biggest fear is not to collect anything else :))
I'm putting on another round of malt. My appetite was whetted and I can't wait to make the following rye bread: D

oh, what beautiful breadaaaaaaaa & # 8230 rye bread is my favorite :)
My dear cousin, for me you are the mother of bread! They are the most beautiful and certainly the tastiest breads seen! I didn't even know there were so many possible recipes and formulas!
I kiss you my dear! Have a more than wonderful day!

another wonderful post, Codruta and a suitable bread. and yes, I am humble in front of the bread, it is one of those perpetual miracles! :)

What beautiful things the passion reveals!
Congratulations on this bread too!
Even if I only revolve around just two, three recipes of yours, I read about each of your creations with great interest. And there has never been bread to say that & # 8220No, I wouldn 't do that! & # 8221.
Who said above & # 8220you are the mother of bread & # 8221, well said & # 8230
Many kisses!

cute, don't bother me. it is my pleasure. I want to send you. blackstrap is one, you have to try the pomegranate molasses. makes the best gingerbread cookies. I'll send you both.

the pigs smell so good now, the leaven. it's a pleasant, clean smell. one of 100% rye and one 125% white. today I received the 2 bannetons I took from amazon. I think I'll try your perfect bread tomorrow. I just don't have flax seeds. I'm thinking of putting chia seeds in place, or flax.

I'm waiting for the address. do you send me a message on fb?

Wow! Super story, super bread! and when I think that those around me think that it is complicated to make bread with mayonnaise, but if they see that I make such bread! I think he would look at me even more (read & # 8220 weird & # 8221). There are many who do not understand this passion for real bread! I learned this from you Codruta! and I thank you! one more time! I think for your sake I will start with rye bread! Only good, God help!
P.S. : molasses can also be made at home (Ina explains in detail here how to make

Monica, thanks for the link! Reading among the comments there I found that they also have molasses on Codruta, I bring you anyway when I come to the country.

offff, from the moment you started with the recipe you lost me, I didn't understand anything: (

that's it! hmmmm & # 8230. today the world is better, another rye bread. if you were with the Romanians, they also have talent in the jury, I think you would win!

related to rye flakes, hmm even if they are flakes, you see that they have remained white in the middle, take whole, crushed rye grains, burn them and boil them for about half an hour, until they swell and become glassy, ​​leave them to cool and use them , they will be large, soft and semi-transparent, that white of gelled starch without water disappears.
or & # 8230 you put them in water soaked with a little salt and sour mayonnaise, to ferment for a day, again they have to swell and soften, and they also get a good taste.

Well, what can I say but I can't wait !!
I sat down after a week of horror. last night I baked a rye bread with a gift spelled: I impressed a colleague so much with the one made last week that I thought it was worth tasting leisurely :-) I came out as a gift: wonderful!

I made this bread on Friday, I made some mistakes related to baking, probably the final leavening was not enough but still something came out, a sweet fragrant bread that conquered me and you were right, it's like a cake. It's a little too wet but it is edible and will not end like anything else!

Adela, I would have been ecstatic if my first attempt had come out like this!
why do you say that the final fermentation was not enough? Did it stay wet even after 2 days? did you use molasses? Did you measure the capacity of the tray according to the Mini Oven method? I don't realize from the picture how much the bread has increased compared to the initial volume of dough.
I can't wait to do it again, now I put the rye in the sprout again and in a week I will receive molasses from France! iupiii!

3 kg of water enters my tray, so I put 1.5 kg of dough, which is true, I also made a mistake with baking because I didn't read carefully and I put a lid on it in the first minutes, after that I saw that it didn't I had to and I took it out, so I think that's where I get the fact that it hasn't grown enough (or is it the main cause ?!). The dough grew about half more (I put it in the oven because it was starting to crack) and so it remained and after baking, it didn't reach as high as the tray. I also used molasses. True, after 2-3 days it was not so wet but it was, I do not know how dry # & # 8217 should be. I plan to go one day to a bakery store that works with sourdough to see what I can find, so I could compare it to my breads & # 8230

Adela, if you read a little on TFL, for similar breads with high rye content, you will notice that they recommend putting a lid on the first part of baking (almost to the end, in fact) so that it keeps the steam inside and does not harden. shell. The method without a lid is invented by me and is adapted to my oven, with which it did not reconcile very well when it comes to rye. In order for the dough to grow, it must: not be too leavened when you put it in the oven (1) to have a high temperature and humidity in the first minutes (2) and the mayo to be sufficiently populated with yeast and bacteria (3)
When cutting bread, do not stick the core to the knife. That is, the blade of the knife must remain clean. If it gets dirty, it means that the bread is too wet. That's how you can tell if your bread is good or not. A Russian woman said she had this problem repeatedly and did not understand why, until she changed the molasses (it's about lunetta mama, link here)

I'm now taking two rounds of malt and waiting for molasses. Next week I will make the bread again, to see how it comes out and comes back with impressions :)

Thanks Codruta, you clarified me with the core and the baking, I didn't have a perfectly clean blade. Next time I will be more attentive to details, mainly mayonnaise and leavening. I also took another organic molasses, blackstrap, one of the brands that andreea (whole trade) showed you, I kept looking for it on the net I found it by chance in a store & # 8216regular & # 8217 a stone's throw from me :). Thanks for the link too!

Hello and may your blog continue to grow as beautiful as before and just like the wonders of bread!

I read you with all my heart, you made me want to make mayonnaise and bread and pies & # 8230only I finally did :)

I am very impressed by your writings, I love to read you, good and pure soul, I think that is the reason why the bread that comes out of your hands is the same & # 8230

to me you are Juliette Binoche of bread!

Mirela, hello, thank you for the compliments and I'm glad to meet you. Are you getting into a Mayan attempt? : D or do you stay with reading and admiring? :)

Either way, I'd be glad to stay close.
codruta, with love

Is it possible to get this entire article in English, please? The bread looks fabulous.

Hi, Beverly. Have you tried the automatic translation? There is a Translate button on the upper right corner. It probably won't be accurate, but if you have questions or difficulties with certain words or phrases, don't hesitate to contact me again. The trasnlation is here (click)

This rye bread is in a class of its own, Codruta! Championship material! Congratulations & # 8230 How I wish I could taste it. And your pictures are gorgeous, so eloquent in their simplicity. I love it.

Thank you, MC! Always a pleasure to receive compliments from such talented bakers as yourself. :)
all the best wishes,

Yes, this 100% rye bread is really wonderful, but like the others, I still lack the courage to start using it. every time something happens and .. I deviate from the recipe. Not in quantities or ingredients, but in the fermentation times I think there were several variants, from fermentation 1 hour to 12 hours (in the fridge, that we had to leave musai and I had nowhere to go) And hopefully my surprise came out really good, that is with pluses in terms of peel and consistency. I mean thinner and softer peel and less sticky core, but still wet. Today I try again, and I will go again on the & # 8220long & # 8221 version because I am very curious. We really like rye bread, and we also like it so hot from the oven and old. Sometimes we eat it immediately because I can't plan my moments very well yet in which it must be done and sometimes we do not have the patience to old (as we don't buy anymore, even if we only eat polenta until it's ready). So what do you think is the reason why the bread I make comes out with such a hard crust and the latter came out so soft and fluffy, and what Do you generally think about the delay of rye dough?
Talking about my bread, someone from Austria told me that they buy a baked rye bread twice a day, which is very airy, with holes. He didn't know how to tell me exactly the procedure and the recipe, but I made me curious and I said to ask you too, have you heard of her?
Thanks and have a good day.

Elfysim, in principle, rye dough can not be delayed, because the leavening must be hot, in a short time. Without knowing what recipe you made and what oven you have, and how you baked the bread, I can't answer the question of why it comes out with a thick or soft crust.
I don't know the recipe from Austria you are talking about, but I'm not surprised by the process, because I know a recipe for rye bread that must be baked for 8 hours on low heat. For obvious reasons, I didn't try it :)

I came back with the conclusion & # 8230 ready with the experiments. It turned out very bad. I'll stick to the directions, it's safer that way. Sorry Codruta.

yes, that's how I imagined it, unfortunately I answered your previous message too late. :(

I'm still looking to choose a simpler rye bread for starters, but I can't find the post where you explain how to get rye mayonnaise. Please leave me a link!

I found Codruta, I couldn't wait.

Thanks for the answer Codruta. The recipe used was for 70% rye-30% whole wheat bread. It came out terrible and because I forgot to add salt. But it still wouldn't have gone well because the taste was bitter-sour, I understand now why doesn't the rye ferment so much? electric oven and a granite slab, I also tried the version with ventilation and the one with heat up and down. When I use the ventilation in the oven, it heats up much faster and it seems as if the breads bake more evenly.
The bread from Austria was baked in two stages, with a break of one day and it comes out with big holes and elastic. I found it strange to make rye bread, that's why I asked you about it, but it was just a question, because we like rye bread the way you do it, only I would be very happy to solve the problem with the rind, because otherwise we, the adults, will continue to eat only the hard rind and the little ones the soft core :)).
Or maybe so it should be & # 8230. Do not know.

Dear Codruta, I'm leaving for Sweden in about 2 months. I don't know if it's the same with them, but in Finland there are a lot of types of molasses (from golden to black, clear or more unprocessed) because they use a lot for rye or mixed bread.

I'll talk to Juha to get me and send you. I found black cane molasses & # 8220Cane Molasses & # 8221 at a very low price (6 lei or so - 454 g jar) and as usual I come home with a suitcase full of kitchen stuff, a jar, two and not for you would be baths.

Roasted rye malt I still have from Finland. A visit through their shops and you get any kind of flour or seeds used for bread. They also use it for certain drinks.

Servus Codruta,
I found molasses in another store, in Brasov, they also have an online store, the price is better and you don't even have to sell a kidney for transport (it's 9Ron) :)))
A good day!

Yes, I didn't tell you the store, it's called Paradisul Verde, they also have some flours, I took them, but I haven't tried them yet

the bread looks super good & # 8230 surprises me what black color it has, because the rye flour from the trade, it's not so dark & ​​# 8230 unfortunately, I didn't understand anything :( I make bread at home, but what you wrote above seems to me ff complicated, possibly a good recipe for those who have nothing else to do but gain experience in the bakery & # 8230fff complicated recipes, especially those tables, which at first sight (probably) no one understands & # 8230I admire you in what you do, but for us, ordinary housewives these recipes are f ambilicate :) good day

Hi, I would like to make a small remark, I hope you don't mind. Although I have seen that many chefs cook with honey on the fire, honey should not be heated above 40 degrees because it becomes toxic.
And a question, is your rye bread tray made of aluminum? As in the pictures, it looks like this
Anyway thanks for the recipes!

Hi. because your bread turned my back on me, I thought I'd try it too, being sad that I can't find wholemeal rye bread anywhere without yeast.
I don't know if it's a good idea, considering that I'm ultra-beginner, and that my flour also contains bran, being ground by me at the endowment mill.
from the beginning I was faced with the problem of the amount of water, obviously insufficient for me. I preferably used dried rye mayonnaise from DM, 15 grams of powder. and I kept adding water! & # 8230
then the operation. still a bit concrete! I see in your picture that it wasn't really soft on you either, so maybe it's not serious.

I'm still not sure if this is my nose, given that I don't even know the oven temperatures. it's as if I see that tomorrow I throw 2 eggs and starch, not to hit it in the bar at all :) not another, but I have the impression that no one tried to do it with bran included!

Wonderful bread, I didn't think it would work for me, I had some experience in making bread, but reading the steps again it seems that I didn't strictly follow them all: I didn't measure the volume of the tray, I didn't leave it to rise. It came out sticky and didn't grow enough. But I won't give up, I'll try again

Have you tried making Borodino bread? It's the same, a rye bread with malt, very thick and good & # 8230.

Rye bread with flax seeds

Although I was going to make a completely different bread recipe this weekend, I turned my plans upside down when I saw a bag of rye flour on the store shelf. Until recently, I passed the shelf completely indifferently. Do you think I didn't know what kind of bread flour there was on the market? This is how man changes! I feel as if I have discovered America, and now I walk eagerly on the newly conquered territory.

I arrived home with the rye flour, not knowing at all how I was going to make the bread. I knew that rye bread was blacker, thicker and tastier, but I had no idea what formula I had to apply to get good bread at home. I read a few recipes on the vast internet but I couldn't stop at one of them. Eventually I discovered that a recipe in combination with black flour was written on the flour bag. I halved the quantities there and largely followed that recipe, thinking that the producers should know best how to make rye bread.

How was the result? A bread as easy to make as any of the ones I've tried so far. The dough was wetter than the white flour bread, and even more so than the beer bread, which contained only black flour. It didn't even grow as much as my other two attempts, but I was ready for it. I had already read that rye bread would not be as airy as white flour. Rye bread is dense, filling and extraordinarily tasty.

Due to the fact that I baked it like the others in the steam bath for the first 15 minutes, I obtained a thick, reddish and crispy shell again. It would have worked great with some flavors in the composition: a little coriander powder or cumin instead of flax, but I didn't have the courage on the first try & # 8230 remains next time.

This is what my rye bread looked like before I put it in the steamed oven.

Rye bread with sesame seeds

For the dough, mix the two types of flour with the yeast. Add sugar, salt, water and oil.

Mix the ingredients with the mixer, using the kneading paddles, first at low speed, then 5 minutes at high speed, until a homogeneous dough is obtained. Leave the covered dough to rise, in a warm place, until it visibly increases in volume (about 30 minutes).

Knead the dough a little more on a kitchen counter, pre-lined with flour.

Se unge o formă de copt (30 x 11 cm) și se tapetează cu semințe de susan. Se toarnă apoi aluatul, se unge pe deasupra cu puțină apă, se presară restul de semințe de susan. Aluatul se acoperă din nou și se încă o dată la dospit, la loc cald, până ce își mărește vizibil volumul (circa 20 de minute).

Suprafața aluatului se crestează oblic, cu un cuțit, pe o adâncime de circa 1 cm. Forma de copt se introduce la cuptor și se coace. Lângă forma de copt se așază și un vas rezistent la coacere în care se pune apă.

Cuptor electric 200 °C

Cuptor cu aer cald 180 °C

Durată de coacere: 50 Minute

Pâinea se scoate din formă și se lasă să se răcească pe un grătar de bucătărie.

În loc de semințe de susan puteți folosi semințe de mac.

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    Hello dear lusts. Astăzi am pregătit PÂINE DE CASĂ CU FĂINĂ DE SECARĂ. A ieșit foarte pufoasă în interior și crocantă la exterior. Cu această pâine am pregătit și niște sandwich-uri crocante și delicioase cu salam, cașcaval și roșii. Sper să vă placă și vă asigur că nu se pregătește greu. Vă doresc o zi cât mai delicioasă în continuare și poftă bună!


    1 lingură – ulei + încă puțin pentru uns

    Method of preparation:

    1. Toarnă într-un bol apă călduță, adaugă zahărul, drojdia, amestecă și lasă drojdia să se umfle 3-4 minute.
    2. Apoi toarnă uleiul și cerne deasupra făina de secară, după care cerne 550 gr. făină albă. De obicei nu cern toată cantitatea, mai bine mai adaugă pe parcurs în caz că se lipește de mâini. Cantitatea poate ajunge până la 600 gr. Adaugă sarea și amestecă, după care răstoarnă aluatul pe masa de lucru și frământă-l 5-7 minute.
    3. Întoarce aluatul în bol, unge-l deasupra cu ulei, acoperă-l cu un prosop curat și pune-l la loc călduț să se dubleze în volum pentru aproximativ o oră și 30 de minute.
    4. Între timp unge cu ulei două tave dreptunghiulare cu dimensiunea de 25 cm. pe 10 cm.
    5. Scoate aluatul de la dospit și împarte-l în două.
    6. Ia o jumătate de aluat, pune-l în tava de copt și aplatizează-l în așa fel încât să fie bine nivela. Procedează la fel cu cealalată jumătate de aluat.
    7. Transferă tavele pe o tavă mai mare, acoperă-le cu prosop și lasă-le să dospească 30 de minute sau până când aluatul va ajunge la marginile tavei.
    8. Pune un vas pe partea de jos a cuptorului și toarnă în el jumătate de litru de apă fierbinte.
    9. Apoi pune pâinea puțin mai sus și coace-o la cuptorul preîncălzit la 180 de grade C 45-50 de minute.
    10. Scoate pâinea din cuptor, las-o să se răcească și servește-o cu plăcere. Good appetite!
    If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood


    Hello dear lusts. Astăzi am pregătit PÂINE DE CASĂ CU FĂINĂ DE SECARĂ. A ieșit foarte pufoasă în interior și crocantă la exterior. Cu această pâine am pregătit și niște sandwich-uri crocante și delicioase cu salam, cașcaval și roșii. Sper să vă placă și vă asigur că nu se pregătește greu. Vă doresc o zi cât mai delicioasă în continuare și poftă bună!


    1 lingură – ulei + încă puțin pentru uns

    Method of preparation:

    1. Toarnă într-un bol apă călduță, adaugă zahărul, drojdia, amestecă și lasă drojdia să se umfle 3-4 minute.
    2. Apoi toarnă uleiul și cerne deasupra făina de secară, după care cerne 550 gr. făină albă. De obicei nu cern toată cantitatea, mai bine mai adaugă pe parcurs în caz că se lipește de mâini. Cantitatea poate ajunge până la 600 gr. Adaugă sarea și amestecă, după care răstoarnă aluatul pe masa de lucru și frământă-l 5-7 minute.
    3. Întoarce aluatul în bol, unge-l deasupra cu ulei, acoperă-l cu un prosop curat și pune-l la loc călduț să se dubleze în volum pentru aproximativ o oră și 30 de minute.
    4. Între timp unge cu ulei două tave dreptunghiulare cu dimensiunea de 25 cm. pe 10 cm.
    5. Scoate aluatul de la dospit și împarte-l în două.
    6. Ia o jumătate de aluat, pune-l în tava de copt și aplatizează-l în așa fel încât să fie bine nivela. Procedează la fel cu cealalată jumătate de aluat.
    7. Transferă tavele pe o tavă mai mare, acoperă-le cu prosop și lasă-le să dospească 30 de minute sau până când aluatul va ajunge la marginile tavei.
    8. Pune un vas pe partea de jos a cuptorului și toarnă în el jumătate de litru de apă fierbinte.
    9. Apoi pune pâinea puțin mai sus și coace-o la cuptorul preîncălzit la 180 de grade C 45-50 de minute.
    10. Scoate pâinea din cuptor, las-o să se răcească și servește-o cu plăcere. Good appetite!
    If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

    250 g de faina de secara
    250 g de faina alba
    12 g de drojdie proaspata
    420 ml. de apa
    1 lingura de zahar brun
    12 grame de sare
    optional: seminte intregi sau macinate
    faina pentru presarat

    Incepe prepararea painii de secara cu o zi inainte. Intr-un castron adanc pune ambele tipuri de faina, sarea si semintele. Intr-un castron mic dizolva zaharul si drojdia in cateva linguri de apa calda. Lasa deoparte cateva minute pana ce se formeaza o spuma deasupra. Toarna drojdia cu apa si zahar peste fainasi framanta bine. Acopera cu un servet si lasa-o deoparte 15 minute. Amesteca din nou si lasa deoparte alte 15 minute. Acopera castronul si pune-l deoparte pana a doua zi. Presara multa faina pe blatul de lucru - aluaturile cu faina de secara sunt lipicioase, si incepe framantarea lui. Modeleaza forma de paine dorita. Pune aluatul intr-un servet infainat curat si uscat si lasa-l sa creasca pentru inca o ora. Cresteaza aluatul si pune-l la cuptorul incins in prealabil, pe o tava unsa cu ulei, la 250 de grade Celsius pentru 25-30 de minute. Cand ai scos painea din cuptor, daca doresti o coaja mai moale, unge-o cu putin ulei, acoper-o cu o folie si cu un servet gros si las-o acoperita pentru cel putin 30 de minute. Good appetite!

    5 motive să cumperi pâine de secară de la Kovács

    Originară din Asia de Sud Est și Asia Mică, secara s-a răspândit și în Europa, fiind consumată în antichitate de către daci și romani în amestec cu grâu și orz, pâinea de secară fiind cea mai hrănitoare. În trecut secara a fost considerată alimentul săracilor, dar în timp au fost descoperite beneficiile sale nutriționale și are din ce în ce mai mulți adepți. În prezent, constituie una dintre cerealele de bază utilizate la scară largă în producția produselor de panificație din România și nu numai, fiind din ce în ce mai valorificată deoarece este o alternativă mult mai sănătoasă a grâului.

    Secara se aseamănă foarte mult cu grâul, dar există o serie de diferențe. Făina din secară conține mai mulți nutrienți, iar pâinea obținută este mai densă și mai sățioasă.

    Gustul pâinii coapte din făină integrală de secară se deosebește destul de mult de cel al pâinii preparate doar din făină de grâu, iar beneficiile consumului de secară sunt net superioare grâului.

    De ce să consumi pâine de secară?

    Deoarece este de ajutor în controlul greutății- Secara este de ajutor în lupta cu kilogramele, este săracă în calorii și bogată în fibre, ceea ce conferă senzația de sațietate pentru o perioadă mai lungă de timp. Fibra obținută din secară este benefică pentru îmbunătățirea generală a procesului de digestie, ameliorează simptomele sindromului de colon iritabil, previne constipația și facilitează eliminarea rapidă a toxinelor din organism. Deoarece conferă senzația de sațietate pe durate lungi, secara este ideală pentru tratarea obezității.

    Este benefică pentru diabetici! Totodată, conținutul mare de fibre este benefic pentru diabetici deoarece îi ajută să mențină la cote normale nivelul de zahăr din sânge și să prevină hiperglicemia.

    Conținutul de fibre este esențial și pentru menținerea nivelului colesterolului în limite normale, deci consumul de pâine de secară ajută și la reducerea riscului de boli cardiovasculare.

    Este bogată în vitamine și minerale-secara este o sursă de vitamine, antioxidați, fitonutrienți, minerale. Este o sursă bună de calciu, seleniu, mangan, magneziu, fosfor, potasiu.

    Pâinea de secară este o opțiune bună pentru persoanele care sunt nevoite să recurgă la diete pentru a-și proteja sănătatea. Totuși, nu este indicată și persoanelor cu boală celiacă sau celor cu intoleranță la gluten din cauza conținutului de gluten. Totuși, conținutul de gluten este mai mic decât la grâu, iar efectele adverse sunt mai reduse.

    Pâinea de secară are în compoziție și făină de grâu, însă nu toți producătorii folosesc o cantitate însemnată de făină de secară. Atunci când achiziționați pâinea citiți pe etichetă lista de ingrediente și vedeți dacă secara este predominantă. La Kovács pâinea de secară are în conținut 90% făină dietetică de secară în amestec cu făină albă de grâu.

    Cu o tradiție de aproape un secol, brutăria Kovács se bazează pe experiența moștenită din tată în fiu, asigurând produse de calitate, din ingrediente naturale, fără aditivi, bazate pe rețete tradiționale.

    Pâinea din secară versus pâinea albă

    • Deși pâine albă conține în general mai multe proteine, grâul având 6 grame de proteine la două felii pâine albă față de 5,4 grame de proteine la pâinea de secară, pâinea de secară are mai multe fibre: 3,7 grame față de 2,4 pe două felii de pâine albă.
    • Grâul promovează o rezistență mai mare la insulină în organism comparativ cu secara, astfel încât organismul tinde să păstreze mai multă grăsime dacă consumi mai mult grâu decât secară.
    • Pâinea de secară conține mai multe fibre solubile decât cea din grâu, uneori chiar de trei ori mai mult.
    • Pâinea și fulgii de secară au una dintre cele mai ridicate concentrații de lignani comparativ cu grâul și alte cereale.
    • Pâinea de secară conține cu 20% mai puține calorii decât pâinea albă de grâu. (7)