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Strippers, Bartenders Fight Over Tips in New York

Strippers, Bartenders Fight Over Tips in New York

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New York strippers strike over complaints that bartenders are stealing their tips


New York strippers say bartenders have been stealing their tips.

Several top New York strippers are going on strike this week, demanding equal treatment with the bartenders and servers in the clubs where they perform.

According to Page Six, many New York strip clubs have started employing female bartenders and servers who wear skimpy costumes and dance for customers. The strippers allege that the bartenders are distracting customers to get tips for themselves, which is cutting into the strippers’ incomes. They’ve accused the clubs of actively promoting the bartenders instead of the strippers, who are supposed to be the main form of entertainment at the clubs.

Chicago doesn't even allow alcohol sales in strip clubs, so strippers in that city don't have dancing bartenders to compete with.

The New York strippers say the bartenders in their clubs are just supposed to be mixing and serving drinks, not jumping into the spotlight. The bartenders have even been accused of stealing the strippers’ tips by picking up the money that falls on the floor when customers throw it to the strippers. Some reportedly even sweep money off the stage onto the floor, then pick it up for themselves, even though those tips were meant for the strippers.

Also, strippers are expected to “tip the house” and share their tips with the DJs. Bartenders reportedly don’t have to do that.

It’s normal to tip a bartender for a drink, and to tip a stripper for a dance. But the clubs are reportedly blurring the line between stripper and bartender, and the strippers say the bartenders are walking away with their tips. When and who to tip, and how much, can be a confusing issue for a patron, so check out our complete guide to tipping at hotels, restaurants, taxis, and more.

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